Ayushi Roy Photo

Ayushi Roy

Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy


Intended for those interested in public policy and service delivery, this course provides a broad overview of emerging opportunities, challenges and risks created by information technology in the public sector.  The delivery of critical services to millions of people has changed from in-person offices, to mail, to online forms and even mobile applications. The proliferation of new products to digitally deliver public services has subsequently sparked an evolution in governance practices. This course introduces the power of technology design and development practices  to further shape service delivery, government operations, policymaking, and civic trust. This course explores the evolution of digital government, its real-world impacts and lessons, and provides a peek into the future of this growing field.  The goal of this course is to empower students irrespective of technical background to work within or adjacent to digital government teams, and to imagine more equitable approaches to building things – products, programs, organizational culture, and policies – that better serve people.

Please note, students cannot take more than one section of "Digital Government" (DPI-662/662M) for credit.