David Eaves Photo

David Eaves

Lecturer in Public Policy

Over the past decade governments have pursued a number of strategies to modernize the public service particularly in light of the opportunities and challenges created by digital services. This course will explore some of the central reasons governments struggled to use information technology effectively and examine recent efforts to rethink how local, regional and national governments use technology and deliver services.  Each week a different organization will looked at, examples will include the United States Digital Service, UK Government Digital Service, Office of New Urban Mechanics, Code for America and others. Students will assess what are these organizations goal, their theory of change, how effective have they been at achieving their broader transformative goals and what lessons can we take away about fostering digital government? The course will also look at the bureaucratic and political requirements, risks and challenges in launching and sustaining these types of efforts will be examined.  At the end of this course students will have a strong understanding of why using innovation and digital government is difficult to execute, best practices for shifting an organization into using them effectively and an understanding of skills required to execute such a shift.

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