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Max Bazerman

Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, HBS
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In this course, students will obtain a basic understanding on behavioral decision research and behavioral economics; master what we know about decision architecture - or "nudging"; and apply these ideas to a group project.  The project will create the majority of the student experience. This EC Field Course will create an action-oriented experiential learning experience, and will appeal to students who are interested in obtaining a basic understanding on behavioral decision research and behavioral economics, and mastering knowledge of decision architecture, or "nudging." All students will work on actual projects connected to projects in Boston, Washington, or New York. Unlike most EC Field Courses this course will unfold over the fall semester with students potentially traveling to Washington DC or New York City in January for 2-4 days.  In contrast to the Immersive Field Course– UK: Behavioral Insights, the expectation for this course is that more of the actual work will be done during the fall semester with very limited days spent in the field in January.

Also offered by the Business School as 6227. Course meets for eight sessions in the fall (9/11: 4:15-6:15; 9/18: 4:15-6:15; 10/16: 4:45-7:30; 10/30: 4:15-7:00; 11/6: 4:15-7:00; 11/20: 4:15-7:00; 11/27: 4:15-7:00; 12/4: 4:15-7:00), followed by travel to the client site in January. Attendance at all meetings is required. To apply, please carefully review the course description and fill out the application link on this page: Applications are due by August 23, 2017. Please note, this is one half of a yearlong course. Students enrolled in the fall section will automatically be enrolled in the spring section.