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Joseph Newhouse

John D. MacArthur Professor of Health Policy and Management, HKS and HSPH; Professor of Health Care Policy, HMS

Policy issues related to the following topics are considered in the course: the demand for medical care services, especially as a function of insurance; the demand for insurance and issues of selection; reimbursement policies of Medicare and other payers toward health plans, hospitals, and physicians; effects of health maintenance organizations and managed care; and malpractice and tort reform. The focus is mainly on the U.S., but there is some account of similar issues elsewhere. The perspective will generally be that of federal policy, although state and local perspectives will receive some attention. The course will take account of the health reform bill of 2010 and covers some methods issues. Prerequisite: API-101, API-201, and API-202 or equivalent.

Also offered by the School of Public Health as HPM 227 and by the Economics Department as Economics 1460.