fbpx Empirical Methods II | Harvard Kennedy School

Deirdre Bloome

Professor of Public Policy

Emily Mower

Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy

Benjamin Schneer Photo

Benjamin Schneer

Assistant Professor of Public Policy
Teddy Svoronos Photo

Teddy Svoronos

Lecturer in Public Policy


Intended as a continuation of API-201, this course equips students with an understanding of common tools of empirical analysis in policy applications, with a particular emphasis on causal inference. Much of the learning will take place through hands-on analysis of data sets, as well as case studies illustrating critical concepts. The course will cover the mechanics of regression analysis, including multiple regression, dummy variables, and binary dependent variables; as well as program evaluation, including observational, experimental, and quasi-experimental techniques. The final part of the course includes an integrative exercise in which students will have the opportunity to assess empirical analysis in an open-ended and professionally realistic project.

Prerequisite: API-201 or equivalent. May not be taken for credit with API-210.