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Richard Cavanagh

Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy


Introduces the theory and practice of entrepreneurial management in the private and social sectors. Provides students with a set of strategic and management frameworks to analyze entrepreneurial ventures, and to begin to visualize, define, structure, and lead enterprises of their own.  Through case studies of entrepreneurial ventures and readings, students learn about practical innovation, market research, talent acquisition, intellectual property and financing alternatives. This course focuses on both private and social (not-for-profit) enterprises, including cross-sectoral joint ventures and hybrid models, and examines a wide spectrum of funding models.*

Requirements: student preparation and presentation of small group research project(s) of student business plans or case studies on entrepreneurial ventures or leaders in the private or nonprofit world; substantial primary and secondary research. The instructor will meet with each group at mutually convenient times during and outside of class, to help structure the project and coach the presentations of these business plans and case studies. Grades based 1/3 on class participation, 1/3 on the group research presentation, and 1/3 on a case final exam.