Hannah Riley Bowles Photo

Hannah Riley Bowles

Roy E. Larsen Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management
Co-Director, Women and Public Policy Program
Office Address
79 John F. Kennedy St. Taubman Bldg 110A
Sarah Wald Photo

Sarah Wald

Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy
Office Address
79 John F. Kennedy St. Littauer Bldg 240

The Gender and Public Policy Seminar has been designed to give students an opportunity to engage with leading-edge scholars and practitioners working to advance gender equality. Because the subject of “gender and public policy” is too wide ranging and global to address within a single semester, we aim to focus the course each year on a “spotlight” issue. 

The spotlight focus for the Spring 2019 semester is promoting gender equality at work. More specifically, the seminar will cover policy-relevant research on workplace discrimination, pay equity, family leave, and sexual harassment. Coverage of these topics will include intersectional perspectives on gender and critical discussion of the limits to as well as benefits of state policy. The research will include some international comparative perspectives but will be primarily U.S.-based.

The class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first and final weeks of the semester will be devoted, respectively, to framing and presenting on students’ field projects. Students will work in groups on seminar-relevant research projects for real clients engaged in promoting gender equality at work. On all other Tuesdays, students will take turns leading a class discussion of the assigned readings. On Thursdays, students will participate in a research seminar with invited speakers. The Thursday sessions will be hosted by the HKS Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP) and be open to the HKS community. Readings for the Tuesday class sessions will provide background and a broader research perspective on the Thursday presentations. We will work to arrange opportunities for interested students to meet with the visiting speakers.

This course is likely to be particularly beneficial to students who are interested in understanding and working to address barriers to gender equality at work. Our primary objective is to equip students with a theory-based understanding of the primary obstacles to gender equality in the workplace and with a quiver of potential organizational and policy interventions.

This class will meet on Tuesdays in WAPPP’s Cason Room (Taubman 102) and on Thursdays in the Ellwood Democracy Lab (Rubenstein 414A&B).