Julie Boatright Wilson

Harry S. Kahn Senior Lecturer in Social Policy
Office Address
79 John F. Kennedy St. Taubman Bldg 440

Nearly every organization is under pressure to produce evidence that the programs it runs are effective. But how can you as a manager use the same tools and strategies that external evaluators employ to improve the performance of your organization more generally? What information on current performance and operations would you need? How would you gather that information? How would you assess it? And how would you feed it back to those in the organization to improve overall performance? What are some of the unique challenges and opportunities of trying to gather and use data to manage your own organization? In this course students will develop a framework for thinking about evidence and apply this framework through case discussions and group projects. Students will learn different strategies for gathering information-in-depth interviewing, focus groups, surveys, and employ them in their group project.