Matthew Andrews Photo

Matthew Andrews

Edward S. Mason Senior Lecturer in International Development

People in developing countries require service delivery from the government and civil society. Service delivery, which includes a wide variety of activities from education to regulatory enforcement, requires more than technical policy analysis. A critical driver of success is good management and governance, especially in the face of major resource constraints and in complex settings. Good management is often easy to recognize, when observed, but hard to practice. This course introduces students to critical concepts in organization theory, public management, and the practice of development to enable them to understand the individual, structural, and systemic underpinnings of good management and governance. Through theoretical readings, case study discussions, and simulations, students will apply theoretical concepts to real-world situations and, through simulations, experience the difficulty of managing. Building on analytical work from other courses, students will focus on such critical issues as corruption, participatory development, scaling up, social service delivery, and emergency response.