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Linda Bilmes

Daniel Patrick Moynihan Senior Lecturer in Public Policy


MLD-412 is an experiential-learning lab that will enable students to work on financial and operational challenges with real-world clients. In 2022-23, projects will focus primarily on climate-related challenges including transitioning to clean energy, addressing stormwater, water quality, extreme heat, flood and drought remediation, and dirty fossil-fuel residue and watersheds, particularly in low-income neighborhoods. The coursework will focus on infrastructure, financing, budget, design and strategy for these topics. The course is affiliated with the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston, the Taubman Center for State and Local Government and the Harvard-Bloomberg Cities Initiative.  

Clients are being finalized but will likely include Boston, cities in the Northeast region (New England states and New York), Congressional district MA-6, the Northeast Clean Energy Council, EPA regional office, and local watersheds. Course work includes training in advanced relevant analytical skills, such as GIS mapping and financial spreadsheet modelling. Extensive field work is required, including multiple visit to client sites. Students who complete the course may be eligible for paid summer follow-on work in the field, or conducting research on the relevant datasets for publications.

This course requires permission of the instructor.  Please complete application at:

Prerequisites: This course requires permission of the instructor. Students must have basic analytical skills in budget/finance/accounting and/or urban planning (demonstrated through course work such as MLD-411, MLD-601, API-141 or similar, and/or being in the GSD, Urban Planning or MBA program), or other relevant kinds of experience. Applicants will be required to submit a short statement of interest and application at