Archon Fung Photo

Archon Fung

Winthrop Laflin McCormack Professor of Citizenship and Self-Government
Office Address
124 Mount Auburn St. 200N-238
Sarah Wald Photo

Sarah Wald

Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy
Office Address
79 John F. Kennedy St. Littauer Bldg 240

This module, required for students in their fourth year of study toward joint degrees from Harvard Law School and the Harvard Kennedy School, focuses on applying the skills, styles and methods taught at the two Schools and in the third year seminar, "Public Problems." Students will prepare and present a major piece of written work (the required Integrated Written Project) analyzing and proposing solutions to a substantial problem faced by a society or an institution. The goal is for joint degree students to apply in their papers the multidisciplinary techniques, methods and approaches they have studied over the previous three years, including those common in law, political science, economics, management, history, policy analysis, and ethical/moral reasoning. The class sessions will be spread out so that students can work on their outlines and drafts between sessions. Each student will present to the class several times in order to develop and revise their drafts with the benefit of peer and instructor feedback.

Please note, this is one half of a yearlong course. Students enrolled in the fall section will automatically be enrolled in the spring section. The seminar will meet several times in the fall and several in the spring. This module is required for students earning a joint degree from Harvard Law School and the Harvard Kennedy School and only open to fourth year students in this joint degree program.