Liz McKenna Photo

Liz McKenna

Assistant Professor of Public Policy

Leaders and policy makers often need to integrate different kinds of data and analysis: campaign managers combine statistical models with on-the-ground conversations with voters, policymakers can conduct focus groups with health workers to understand population-level disparities in care, and movement organizers increasingly blend social network analysis with ethnographic fieldwork to power map their communities. In this course, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of mixed methods versus mono-method modes of inquiry; practice different approaches to data collection, analysis, and visualization; and learn how to iteratively improve on the validity and quality of evidence using a mixed methods research approach. Because a main focus of the course will be on integrating qualitative and quantitative strategies, it is well suited for students with aspirations to be analysts or organizational leaders, or those who are anticipating, or already engaged in, original research or evaluation projects (e.g., PAE, SYPA, masters or undergraduate thesis, or field course).