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Robert Wilkinson

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Leadership


Negotiation and leadership are essential, ongoing processes that form part of our everyday lives, in whatever area of work you are involved in, regardless of your seniority,  whether we are the most senior or junior person in the team.  These are skills that we can study, practice and improve upon, and will be absolutely indispensable for any effective leader in any field. This course will provide students with the fundamental principles, theory and practice of the field of negotiation and leadership, and will include both US and international perspectives on negotiation and leadership approaches. This course is distinctive in blending leadership and negotiation principles in a single course.

This course is intended to be a balance of theory and practice, and draws on the classic literature, as well as more recent work. We will use the case study method, active simulations, group work and lectures to bring the conceptual material to life, as well as to build students’ personal negotiation and leadership skills. There will also be an emphasis on bringing in international examples and cases throughout the course, to provide both domestic and global perspectives on negotiation and leadership.  We are also lucky to have a few guest lecturers who will visit our class, all of whom are all world-class thought leaders and practitioners in the world of negotiation and leadership.  And yes, this material applies to our personal lives as well, because we are all negotiators and leaders, each and every day!