fbpx New Directions in Black Power Studies | Harvard Kennedy School

The 2023-2024 Warren Center for American History workshop brings together an interdisciplinary group of historians, social scientists, humanists, and scholars of black political thought to explore what might be at stake — philosophically, theoretically, culturally, and politically — in revisiting the Black Power Movement in the present. Building on the successes of Black Power Studies scholars, this seminar seeks to resist unduly defensive and siloed forms of scholarly engagement, to openly and critically interrogate Black Power’s political and cultural dynamics, social formations, and conceptual contributions to political and social thought across such key concerns as political violence, education, the philosophy of race, cultural politics, gender, political economy, and more. Engaging the work-in-progress of visiting scholars, faculty, and other guests, the seminar will provide an extended opportunity to reflect upon the political and intellectual legacy of Black Power, the place of black radical traditions in academic scholarship, and how historians, theorists, and social scientists might work more collaboratively to pursue the hard questions the movement continues to raise.

To receive credit for this course students must enroll in part A and part B in the same academic year