fbpx Performance Leadership: Producing Results in Public and Nonprofit Agencies | Harvard Kennedy School
Robert Behn Photo

Robert Behn

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy

You are the leader of a public or nonprofit organization. Your job is to produce results. But what results? And how? How can you improve significantly your organization's performance? This course examines the five challenges of performance leadership: (1) Choosing and producing results: How can public executives determine the results they will produce next and develop effective strategies for delivering them? (2) Seizing and creating opportunities: How can public executives recognize or shape events and attitudes to foster the desire and capability to improve performance? (3) Measuring performance: How can public executives measure their agency's progress and results and use such measures to learn how to improve performance? (4) Motivating individuals and energizing teams: How can public executives inspire people in a variety of organizational arrangements, from bureaucracies to collaboratives, to pursue public purposes creatively? (5) Creating targets: How can public executives use specific results to be achieved by specific dates to mobilize people and resources to ratchet up performance?

To see a short VIDEO describing this course, please follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM0XF7hTw7U&feature=youtu.be??