Gary Orren

V.O. Key, Jr. Professor of Politics and Leadership

Persuasion lies at the heart of our personal and professional lives. Whether the goal is to convince one person in a face-to-face encounter, influence a group in a meeting, sway an entire organization, or win over the public, the capacity to persuade is key to effective leadership. This course extracts from our knowledge of human behavior proven principles and techniques of effective persuasion. These powerful tools apply not only to public speaking and written communications, but also to one-on-one and small group interactions where most persuasion takes place every day. Students will hone their practical skills in persuasion through case studies, video examples, exercises, and role-plays. Students also will assess their personal strengths and weaknesses in persuasion, informed by the confidential assessments of others who have observed them closely in persuasion situations.

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MLD-342 is offered in an intensive format. Note: Students are required to complete a survey in December which takes approximately one hour.

Please refer to syllabus for specific schedule details.