fbpx Policy Development Field Lab: Autonomous Vehicles | Harvard Kennedy School
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Mark Fagan

Lecturer in Public Policy

Autonomous Vehicles (AV) technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Public policy to support AVs is struggling to keep pace. For AVs to unlock public and private benefits in mobility, land use and economic development, the right public policies are required. The front lines for these policies are state and local governments. The Policy Development Field Lab provides students with an opportunity to develop a detailed AV policy proposal and a plan for its implementation for state and municipal governments. The course provides you with an opportunity to directly participate in the policy making process and allow you to deepen your understanding of AV policy. You will also have the chance to build relationships with AV policymakers and stakeholders. The client work is supported by twice-weekly classroom sessions. One focuses on providing concepts and tools to support policy development and implementation. Topics will include: building a policy narrative, mapping policy shapers and stakeholders, socializing narratives, developing and writing policy, developing implementation plans, and selling your proposal. The other weekly session explores policy development and implementation case examples - what works, what does not and why.