Robert Blendon Photo

Robert Blendon

Richard L. Menschel Professor of Public Health, and Professor of Health Policy and Political Analysis, HSPH

Health policymaking in the U.S. has a strong political dimension. This course offers analytical insights into understanding U.S. health policymaking and developing political strategies that influence health policy outcomes. The course provides both the theoretical basis and strategic skills for those in future leadership roles to influence the health policy process. Major topics to be covered include analyzing how health policy is shaped by interest groups, media, public opinion, legislative lobbying, elections, coalition building, policy legacies, institutions, and the politics of information. Student-led case studies focus on  marijuana legalization in Colorado, defunding Planned Parenthood,  as well as major movements toward comprehensive national health insurance in the U.S. including the Clinton and Obama health plans and the debate over the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Leaders in political strategy from both the health and political fields will be guest lecturers.

Not open to auditors. Also offered by the School of Public Health as HPM 247.