Deborah Hughes Hallett Photo

Deborah Hughes Hallett

Adjunct Professor of Public Policy


Supporting leaders to make data-based decisions, we first investigate the current role of data and AI. International and US case studies on elections, polling, climate change, economic development, education, public health, corruption, autonomous vehicles, justice and policing provide a powerful range of insights. With the goal of understanding technical reports, we show decision makers how to collect data, make data-based judgements, interpret regression analyses and do project evaluations, and we emphasize the rapidly expanding role of machine learning and generative AI. Policy makers will see how machine learning can be biased and debate the impact of AI on the workforce. Data and AI are changing the world for the better—while simultaneously creating an urgent need to address the challenges they bring.

The mathematical background required is kept to a minimum. A calculator and Excel are sufficient. May not be taken in addition to API-201 and HGSE S040.