Gautam Nair Photo

Gautam Nair

Assistant Professor of Public Policy
DPI 453

This new seminar examines the politics and policy of South Asia, a region marked by immense diversity and rapid transformation. Home to a quarter of the world's population and a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and histories, South Asia presents a unique laboratory to study pressing global challenges confronting the developing world. We will examine a variety of topics including democracy and political development; the management of ethnic diversity and conflict; jobless economic growth and industrial policy; the political economy of gender inequality; state-building; climate change and pollution; and foreign policy. Drawing on cutting-edge research and canonical scholarship, the course will emphasize the development of analytical frameworks to critically assess the complex issues and opportunities facing most of the countries in South Asia. In exploring these topics, the course aims to foster a nuanced and robust understanding of the political and policy landscape, preparing students to engage thoughtfully and effectively in academic and policy discussions concerning South Asia. There are no prerequisites and prior knowledge of the region is not assumed, but some quantitative training at the level of the MPP/MPAID core and a willingness to read and learn swiftly will be helpful. Auditors are not permitted.