HDS 3157

How (much) are the moral, political, and legal systems rooted in theology? If we revise different images of the divine, how may this change the frameworks that shaped our ethical and legal conceptions? In this course, we will review the most dominant images of God in different Islamic theological, mystical, and philosophical traditions. Then, we will try to re-construct a new image of God through reading the narratives of women in the Qur'an. Those stories would open a path towards a kind of narrative, feminist theology. We will read and discuss women's stories to find a hidden narrator and the hidden structures of power behind them. As the readers and interpreters of these narratives, students will finally write a short article on the opening questions above. There will be more readings and discussions than writing assignments. Due to the discussion structure of this course, at most 15 critical readers (students) will participant in this course.