BETH 746

Welcome to the Reproductive Health, Law, and Bioethics class. This is a class intended to promote knowledge of ethics, policy, reproductive liberties, law, and healthcare. The class will include two weekly 2-hour classroom components. During this time students will receive classroom instruction and advising from the instructor.

The class will focus on reproductive health, law, and ethics. Understanding and learning about the legislative process is essential to this class. Reproductive justice issues span not only constitutional law considerations, but also other aspects of law, medicine, society, and the political process. Topics researched and discussed will include abortion, contraception, treatment of pregnant inmates, pregnancy exclusion laws, rape and statutory rape laws, personhood and feticide laws, artificial reproduction, surrogacy, the use of child endangerment laws to prosecute women for their conduct during pregnancy and parenthood.

All students will gain exposure to legal research and writing and will work closely with the instructor to develop and hone these critical skills.