Sharad Goel Photo

Sharad Goel

Professor of Public Policy

Dan Levy Photo

Dan Levy

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy

Teddy Svoronos Photo

Teddy Svoronos

Lecturer in Public Policy


The latest generation of “generative AI” can produce novel content — including essays, computer code, and artwork — that is often hard to distinguish from materials produced by humans. “The Science and Implications of Generative AI” is an interdisciplinary course designed to equip you with a solid understanding of how generative AI works, how to use it, and the larger opportunities and challenges it poses for society. This course blends technical learning with hands-on experiences, encouraging you to explore the inner workings of modern AI models, such as ChatGPT, while engaging in practical applications of these systems. Through case studies, simulations, and project-based assignments, you will learn to assess the advantages and risks of deploying generative AI. The curriculum underscores the significance of informed policymaking in this rapidly evolving field, seeking to ensure that HKS graduates can harness AI technology responsibly for the benefit of society.