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Ash Carter

Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Belfer Professor of Technology and Global Affairs

This course identifies and analyzes alternative solutions to the dilemmas that disruptive technology is posing to public good in the digital, biotech, and jobs and training domains. The objective is for students to craft technologically-informed practical public-private approaches to some of the key policy issues of our time. It begins with a brief history of successful and unsuccessful governance of far-reaching technological changes in the past. The first part of the course treats the ongoing digital revolution, crafting solutions to issues of social media responsibility, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence (AI).  It then turns to the biotech revolution that is gathering momentum, addressing genome editing, bioweapons and bioterror, and the role of venture capital in biotech. The third segment of the course addresses the ways that technology is disrupting the nature of work and lifelong training. The example of driverless cars will be used to illustrate the challenges and opportunities that technology provides to sustain cohesive and prosperous societies in the era of tech "disruption". Assignments stress development of key writing and speaking skills. 

Also offered by the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as ENG-SCI 298r.