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Mark Moore

Professor of Public Management
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124 Mount Auburn St. 200N-234

Are you interested in making an important social change that could improve the economic, social, or political conditions in which individuals currently live? If so, you might be interested in taking DPI-312M: Sparking Social Change. The main goal of this module is to teach a particular analytic framework to be used in developing and testing innovative social change ideas – what we will call “social value propositions.” Such ideas are roughly analogous to entrepreneurial “business plans,” but adapted to accommodate the wide range of social change efforts now being pursued by social innovators operating from their positions to achieve their desired purposes. Some use market processes to help those at the edges of an economy improve their material prosperity.  Others leverage philanthropic and government resources to catalyze changes in the large systems that deliver social services that help to create a good and just society. Still others use social and political movements to change laws and cultural practices to reduce the oppression of socially vulnerable groups. The framework is based on the analysis of many cases of social innovation and social change, and has been tested both in degree programs at HBS, HGSE, and HKS, and in Executive Programs for experienced social change agents at the HKS.

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Because the module is short, we will concentrate on presenting the framework, illustrating its concepts with existing cases, and practicing with the use of the concepts in short, simple exercises. For those who want help in using this framework to develop and test their own particular, concrete social value propositions, we will offer DPI-313M, a Design Laboratory, as a separate module run parallel to this module.