John Donahue Photo

John Donahue

Raymond Vernon Senior Lecturer in Public Policy


Spring Exercise is a two-week long simulation offering students an intense challenge of intellectual integration and practical application spanning the disciplines represented in the MPP core. The exercise gives students practice at applying core tools and concepts in a setting and at a pace approximating professional reality. It thus serves as a capstone to the first-year core and a bridge to the second-year Policy Analysis Exercise and subsequent professional work.

During Spring Exercise, students attend presentations by internal and external experts on the exercise’s topic as the foundation for their own development and analysis of policy options.  They are grouped into teams to develop and deliver detailed, data-backed written and oral deliverables in a simulated but realistic policy process.

This course is required for all MPP1 students. Spring Exercise will be held from April 15 – 26, 2024. All other spring MPP core courses will end by April 12, 2024.