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Peter Zimmerman

Lecturer in Public Policy
Office Address
79 John F. Kennedy St. Belfer Bldg 127

Everybody needs a strategy. Strategy is the best concept we have for thinking about future action in light of our aspirations and current capabilities. MLD-110 focuses specifically on strategic management and leadership in the public arena in democratic societies; how leaders, managers and social entrepreneurs devise and execute strategies for change with an unyielding focus on advancing the public good.

The course is anchored in three themes:

  • Strategic management-how managers & leaders develop, choose and implement value creating strategies for groups, teams, networks and organizations in the public space.
  • Strategy & Decision-understanding and exploiting the psychological, physiological and social influences that enable and constrain strategic judgment, decision and action  
  • Leadership & Power -how leaders use their power resources to shape the choices and acts of others

Critically examines the assumptions, concepts, and tools of public problem solving applied around the world. Important elements in the course include: formulating and articulating mission, creating vision and public value; establishing metrics and measures of performance; assessing service delivery and production systems; analyzing and shaping organizational culture; and working across organizational boundaries in public, private and non-governmental realms, including coalitions, partnerships and networks. Classes are framed through the lens of decision makers exercising leadership and managerial skills in an uncertain world. Class meetings center on case discussions, supplemented with conceptual materials, exercises, and group work. Several class visitors and an optional site visit bring live cases to the class. Course materials are drawn from the United States and other countries.