fbpx Strategies for Social Impact | Harvard Kennedy School
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Matthew Lee

Associate Professor of Public Policy and Management


This course is for those interested in leading or advising organizations focused on social and environmental impact. Using frameworks currently in use in the social sector, we will study several of the core challenges faced by impact-driven organizations and their leaders: How can your individual organization make real progress on a complex, wicked problems? What does it take to identify and align external stakeholders and supporters around your intended impact? Can impact really be measured, and if so, how? What internal levers can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness?

This course will be participation-based and will include case discussions, in-class exercises, and guest speakers. We will draw on examples and lessons from non-profit organizations, social enterprises, for-profit impact-first companies such as benefit corporations, and public sector organizations. Throughout the course, students will be challenged to consider the strengths and weaknesses of these different strategies and ways of organizing to pursue social impact at scale.