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Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy
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79 John F. Kennedy St. Brattle Sq 1, HKS 550

DPI-663 is a field course with limited enrollment. Students must apply and be accepted by the instructor before their petition to enroll will be accepted. Accepted students will be notified by email and instructed to submit a Petition to Enroll.

In the last five years digital services units have emerged as key players in government reform in the U.S. and abroad. The scope and ambition of these efforts vary, but they all leverage methodologies already common to private sector entrepreneurship -- an intense focus on understanding user needs, rapid prototyping and iteration, and the use of modern technologies.

Drawing on approaches pioneered by these units, this course seeks to equip students with a methodology and a mindset for driving change in 21st century government. Students will use lean startup principles and user-centered design methods to solve real problems for local and federal government clients.

These methods are best learned through practice. As such, this field class offers lectures on core concepts concurrently with client work. Students will be paired in teams of five and assigned a government client. Each team will scope their project/problem; conduct user research in the field; rapidly design, build, and test lightweight prototypes; and, if relevant, create a plan to scale their product. Teams may also offer policy, operations, and strategy recommendations.

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Application deadline is Jan 19 (midnight).  To apply, please fill out the application here

Permission of the instructor required. Application deadline is Jan 19 (midnight).  To apply, please fill out the application here