Fredrik Logevall Photo

Fredrik Logevall

Laurence D. Belfer Professor of International Affairs

It's a time of uncertainty in international politics, with the rise of China and the relative decline in global power of the United States. How did we reach this point and what does it mean for our understanding world affairs today? This course explores world affairs from the eve of World War I to the present. Issues to be examined include the era of the two world wars, which saw the apogee of European imperial power across the globe, and rise of the United States to the summit of global power; the Soviet-American confrontation; the Vietnam War; the evolution of international politics since the demise of the Soviet Union and growth in China’s power. In addition, we will endeavor to determine how historical knowledge and historical skills can be used to better understand the policymaking process and lead to more thoughtful discussion and debate about the pressing global challenges of our present moment.

Also offered by the History Department as History 1217.