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Alex Green

Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy

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Gregory Harris

Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy


This intensive seven week course in effective writing focuses on the strategies and techniques behind great persuasive writing in both politics and policy.  Interested students can select among the following options (and may not take more than one for credit).

Section A (Fall 1) and B (Fall 2):  Alex Green: Students will master the essential life cycle of communications for anyone working in policy and politics, focusing on developing incisive questions, creating well-honed short form summaries, drafting press releases for media partners, writing to constituents, and crafting expert policy briefs.

Section C (Spring 1) and D (Spring 2):  Gregory Harris:  Unlearn dull academic writing and develop a writing process that leads to publication and persuasive power. We focus on narrative and image, voice and urgency--applied to memos, opeds, advocacy pieces, reported articles and personal essays. 

Each course in the DPI communications series assumes a fluency with the English language. Attendance at first class required.