Our Offerings

The courses offered at Harvard Kennedy School provide an enriching curricular experience, and are organized around our seven academic areas. They include core courses that are required for earning a degree, along with electives, modules and January-term options to cater to different interests and schedules.

While classroom learning is integral to an HKS education, it is elevated by the many extra-curricular activities and programs, including lectures, seminars, brown bags, conferences and experiential learning, on- and off-campus.

Course Number

Course Title


DEV-375 The Informal Economy: Is Formalization the Answer?
DEV-501M Native Americans in the 21st Century: Nation Building I
DEV-502 Native Americans in the 21st Century: Nation Building II
DPI-201 The Responsibilities of Public Action
DPI-218 Dissent and Disobedience in Democracies
DPI-376M Queer Nation: LGBTQ Protest, Politics, and Policy in the United States
DPI-425 U.S. Workers and Workplace Policies
DPI-535 Making Change When Change is Hard: the Law, Politics, and Policy of Social Change
DPI-622 Media Manipulation and Disinformation Campaigns
DPI-710 History of the U.S. for Policymakers, Activists, and Citizens
DPI-851M Data and Information Visualization
Hong QuFaculty
DPI-892 Strategic Communications for Policy Change: Practical Strategies for Influencing a Better World
IGA-390 21st Century Global Feminisms
Zoe MarksFaculty
IGA-451M Controversies in Climate, Energy, and the Media: Improving Public Communication
MLD-375 Creating Justice in Real Time: Vision, Strategies and Campaigns
MLD-501M Democratic Leadership Skills: Managing Self and Others
MLD-670 Gender and Public Policy Seminar: Promoting Diversity in Organizations
SUP-601 Urban Politics, Planning, and Development
SUP-715 Morals, Money and Movements: Criminal Justice Reform as a Case Study