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The courses offered at Harvard Kennedy School provide an enriching curricular experience, and are organized around our seven academic areas. They include core courses that are required for earning a degree, along with electives, modules and January-term options to cater to different interests and schedules.

While classroom learning is integral to an HKS education, it is elevated by the many extra-curricular activities and programs, including lectures, seminars, brown bags, conferences and experiential learning, on- and off-campus.

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Academic Year 2020 - 2021

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API-202 Empirical Methods II
Tim LaytonInstructor
DPI-600 The Politics of the Press
DPI-610 Data Science for Politics
DPI-622 Media Manipulation and Disinformation Campaigns
DPI-662 Digital Government: Technology, Policy, and Public Service Innovation
DPI-670M Preventing Digital Disaster: Why Digital Implementations So Often Go Badly
DPI-671M Disrupting Bureaucracy: Understanding Recent Efforts in Digital Government
DPI-691M Programming and Data for Policymakers
DPI-851M Data and Information Visualization
Hong QuFaculty
IGA-100 International and Global Affairs: Concepts and Applications
IGA-103 Global Governance
IGA-150Y Seminar: International and Global Affairs (fall)
IGA-165M Corporate Responsibility and New Governance Models
IGA-232 Controlling the World's Most Dangerous Weapons
William TobeyInstructor
IGA-236 Cybersecurity: Technology, Policy, and Law
IGA-237M Future Issues in Cyber-Security Policy
IGA-240 Cyber and Info Ops: War, Peace and the Space Between
IGA-402 Confronting Climate Change: A Foundation in Science, Technology and Policy
IGA-403M Policy for an Engineered Planet
IGA-408 Climate Disruption: Emerging Topics in Policy, Politics, and Technology of Climate Change