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The courses offered at Harvard Kennedy School provide an enriching curricular experience, and are organized around our seven academic areas. They include core courses that are required for earning a degree, along with electives, modules and January-term options to cater to different interests and schedules.

While classroom learning is integral to an HKS education, it is elevated by the many extra-curricular activities and programs, including lectures, seminars, brown bags, conferences and experiential learning, on- and off-campus.

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Academic Year 2020 - 2021

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DPI-127 Who Governs? Power in America
DPI-132 Presidents, Politics, and Economic Growth: From FDR to Donald Trump
DPI-150Y Seminar: Democracy, Politics, and Institutions (fall)
DPI-200 Democratic Leadership Skills: Ethics and Politics
DPI-202 Moral Leadership: Ethics in Public Life
DPI-218 Dissent and Disobedience in Democracies
DPI-227 Religion, Values, and the Future of Democracy
DPI-235 Economic Justice: Theory and Practice
Sushma RamanInstructor
DPI-245 Justice: Ethics in an Age of Pandemic and Racial Reckoning
DPI-305 Elections and the Practice of Democracy in the United States
DPI-308 How Leaders Translate Public Opinion into Policy Action
DPI-321 Modern American Political Campaigns
Robby MookFaculty
DPI-326M Personnel Is Policy: Building Teams in American Government
DPI-342 Religion, Politics, and Public Policy in America
DPI-348 Progressive Alternatives: Institutional Reconstruction Today
DPI-351M Lobbying: Theory, Practice, and Simulations
Mark FaganFaculty
DPI-376M Queer Nation: LGBTQ Protest, Politics, and Policy in the United States
DPI-385 Race and Racism in the Making of the United States as a Global Power
DPI-391 Race, Inequality, and American Democracy
DPI-401 Normative Principles of Governance in Development