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Recruitment Events

Representatives of HKS travel throughout the year to meet with prospective applicants. Details on where we have been and where we are going this year are below. We are always planning new sessions so please check back frequently for updates. We also host virtual information sessions as well.

Our students often volunteer to host sharing sessions during their travels. These sessions are usually small, casual gatherings at public places like coffee shops and current students share about their HKS experience. HKS students are not experts in the admissions process and the sessions are not formal admission interviews nor do these students sit on an Admissions Committee or pass along evaluative comments for Committee members to consider. The sessions are simply a time for prospective students and current applicants to hear from HKS students about their experiences at HKS. Questions pertaining to admissions matters can be sent to our office -


Virtual Information Session Recordings

Note: HKS virtual sessions are hosted using WebEx software and users may be asked to install an Add-On or extension to their browser to view the sessions. There may be a 30 second or more buffering time once the session loads. 

All Degree Programs - August 17, 2016 - click here to view

MPP Program - September 19, 2016 - click here to view

MPA/ID Program - September 22, 2016 - click here to view

All Degree Programs, Application Tips/Questions - October 3, 2016 - click here to view

MPA/ID Program - October 6, 2016 - click here to view

MC/MPA Mason Program - October 18, 2016 - click here to view

MPA2 Program - October 26, 2016 - click here to view

MC/MPA Program - October 27, 2016 - click here to view

Office for Student Diversity and Inclusion - November 16, 2016 - click here to view

Center for Public Leadership - February 2, 2017 - click here to view

Women and Public Policy Program - February 23, 2017 - click here to view  

Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government - February 28, 2017 - click here to view

Environmental Studies at HKS - May 1, 2017 - click here to view


Upcoming Events

Please check back frequently for updates on upcoming sessions.

Vancouver, BC - June 1 - click here to register (Admissions Office Representative)

Portland, Oregon - June 5 - click here to register (Admissions Office Representative)

Portland, Oregon - June 6 - click here to register (Admissions Office Representative)

Salem, Oregon - June 7 -  click here to register (Admissions Office Representative)

Lagos, Nigeria - June 8 - click here to register (student-led session)

Corvallis, Oregon - June 8 - lunch event, details pending (Admissions Office Representative)

Eugene, Oregon - June 8 - evening event, details pending (Admissions Office Representative) 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - June 9 - click here to register (student-led session)

Washington, DC - June 13 - click here to register (Admissions Office Representative)

Colombo, Sri Lanka - June 15 - click here to register (student-led session)

Freeport, Maine - June 16 - click here to register (student-led session)

Buenos Aires, Argentina - June 20, details pending (student-led session)

Budapest, Hungary - June (Faculty Travel)

Vienna, Austria - June (Faculty Travel)

Prague, Czech Republic - June (Faculty Travel)

Washington, DC - June/July (Admissions Office Representative)

New York, NY - July (Admissions Office Representative)

Nairobi, Kenya - July (student-led session)

Moscow, Russia - Late July (Staff Travel)

Baku, Azerbaijan - Late July/Early August (Staff Travel)


2017 In Person Information Sessions 

Mumbai, India - January 3 (student-led session)

Accra, Ghana - January 6 (student-led session)

Pune, India - January 6 (student-led session)

Bangkok, Thailand - January 7 (student-led session)

Seoul, South Korea - January 7 (student-led session)

Islamabad, Pakistan - January 8 (student-led session)

Karachi, Pakistan - January 9 (student-led session)

Annapolis, Maryland - January 10 (student-led session)

Barcelona, Spain - January 10 

Mexico City, Mexico - January 10 (student-led session)

Rome, Italy - January 10 (student-led session)

St. Paul, Minnesota - January 10 (student-led session)

Bogota, Colombia - January 11 (student-led session)

New Delhi, India - January 11 (student-led session)

Lima, Peru - January 12 (student-led session)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - January 13 (student-led session)

Nairobi, Kenya - January 13 (student-led session)

New Delhi, India - January 14 (student-led session)

Sao Paulo, Brazil - January 16 (student-led session)

New York City, New York - January 17 (student-led session)

Lagos, Nigeria - January 18 (student-led session)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - January 19 (student-led session)

Muscat, Oman - January 22 (student and alumni-led session)

Lagos, Nigeria - March 3 

Tunis, Tunisia - March 9 

Harare, Zimbabwe - April 26 (student-led session)

Managua, Nicaragua - April 28 

Seattle, Washington – May 10 (student-led session) 

Seoul, South Korea – May 18 (student-led session)

Lahore, Pakistan – May 18 (student-led session) 

Warsaw, Poland - May 18 (student-led session)

Hong Kong, SAR – May 20 (student-led session)

Panama City, Panama - May 24 (alumnus-led session)


2016 In Person Information Sessions  - To see where we visited in 2016, click here.

2015 In Person Information Sessions - To see where we visited in 2015, click here.

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