Douglas Barrios

McKinsey & Co.
Bogotá, Colombia

When you make the choice of becoming a public servant one of the greatest fears you come across, is that of being alone - feeling unaided and up against an enormous and sometimes unrewarding task. However, coming here has reassured me not only that I’m not alone in my devotion towards excellence in public service, but rather that I’m accompanied in the pursuit of this dream by the most outstanding group of individuals I could have imagined.

Perhaps the crowning jewel of the incredible experience that is the MPA/ID has been the quality of its student body, not only academically or professionally, but also in the content of their character. I’ve come across a group of people that represent diversity in every facet: diversity in interests, talents, experiences, nationalities, beliefs and backgrounds, a group of people that despite their differences is united by camaraderie, common purpose, friendship, and a true commitment towards the success of their peers.

I’m certain that the greatest lessons you’ll come across will happen outside the classroom, not in it, and given the program’s strong curricular content and its acknowledged and talented faculty, that is certainly saying a lot.

Douglas Barrios has been a student leader, political activist and entrepreneur in his home country of Venezuela. He is now a Public Policy and Social Policy Specialist with McKinsey and Co. and a political activist in Bogotá, Colombia.

Douglas Barrios, MPA/ID (Venezuela)

Douglas Barrios, MPA/ID 2012 (Venezuela)

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