Gulzar Natarajan

Gulzar Natarajan, IAS
Vice Chairman and Managing Director
Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh
Hyderabad, India

There are two things about the MPA/ID Program and HKS which probably cannot be matched by anything else and which exceeded my wildest expectations. One, the amazing diversity of the student population, which MPA/ID epitomizes, brings a flavor of cosmopolitan exposure that is indeed very rare. Second, the thought-provoking lectures and seminars on a wide-ranging array of subjects by a constant stream of visiting world-renowned experts and national leaders is an unmatchable experience. Each day at HKS truly spoils you for choice! My personal and professional enrichment and learning from the Program was immense.

The Program has equipped me with the analytical skills that can help evaluate competing alternatives - their respective constraints, costs and benefits - and also help formulate a dynamic implementation strategy that is flexible enough to accommodate systemic feedback without detracting from the final objectives.

On returning back, I was fortunate to have been entrusted the responsibility of managing the construction of a green-field capital city for the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh. As Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of the Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh, apart from the new capital city, I am also responsible for formulating and monitoring the execution of infrastructure projects spanning ports, airports, road and railways, natural gas, and industrial corridors.

Just four months into it, I’ve already been drawing heavily from the toolkits acquired during my MPA/ID days, integrating the rigor and objectivity of research into the disorder and compulsions of policy practice. A conscious application of the MPA/ID triptych – technical correctness, political acceptability, and administrative feasibility – has enhanced my appreciation of the complexity of policy making and its implementation.

Gulzar Natarajan is an award winning manager in the Indian Administrative Service with a dozen years of experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Gulzar Natarajan, MPA/ID 2014 (India)

Gulzar Natarajan, MPA/ID 2014 (India)

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