Laura McGorman

Operations Strategy Analyst
Arlington, VA, USA

I had an amazing experience during the MPA/ID program. For me, it was the perfect mix of quantitative and qualitative training. I loved Statistics and Econometrics the first year with Professors Levy and Abadie, and did an evaluation-based internship with the World Bank in Uganda, which developed into my Second Year Policy Analysis on female entrepreneurs.

During my second year, I took Public Narrative with Marshall Ganz and Leadership with Dean Williams, both of which completely changed the way I view social movements, group dynamics, and the act of leading others. Graduating from the MPA/ID, I feel that the diverse set of skills I have gained has prepared me extraordinarily well for my work at OPower, a tech company that uses behavioral interventions to reduce household energy use. I am grateful to HKS and the MPA/ID family for having fostered such a strong-knit community, who I look forward to working and playing with for many years to come.

Laura’s Second Year Policy Analysis (SYPA), “Crossing Over to a Male-Dominated Sector: The Effects of Exposure, Role Models, and Information on Ugandan Female Entrepreneurs’ Industry Choices” was selected for an Outstanding SYPA Award, as well as for the Jane Mansbridge Research Award, for the outstanding research paper focused on women or gender. Laura earned a BA in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University, and worked as a Program Analyst in the Africa Bureau Health Team at USAID for four years before enrolling at HKS.

Laura McGorman, MPA/ID 2013 (USA) with her SYPA advisors.

Laura McGorman, MPA/ID 2013 (USA) with her SYPA advisors.

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