Paul Novosad

Assistant Professor of Economics
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH, USA

I entered the MPA/ID with the goal of better understanding the application of economic reasoning to problems in development. I was a literature major with some interesting overseas experience, but knew only as much economics as one can learn from attending anti-globalization protests (which is to say, not much).

The intense training of the MPA/ID gave me the tools to be successful in every domain of development, and the ambitions and aspirations of my classmates expanded my worldview and sense of what I could accomplish. After graduating, I moved to Lesotho and worked as a technical advisor in the Ministry of Finance. The MPA/ID degree opened the door to a position where I had the ears of major policy makers, and the economic training gave me the tools necessary to make a significant contribution.

Over a couple of years in Lesotho, I was struck by the thin evidence base for the policy decisions we had to make on a daily basis. I returned to the Kennedy School to do a PhD, with the goal of producing knowledge that is useful to policy-makers in developing countries. My current work examines how bureaucracy, politics and geography affect regional economic development in India.

Although my current position is firmly on the academic side, I remain motivated by the MPA/ID philosophy of bridging academic research and policy, and I work closely with policy-makers in India to keep my research grounded in real problems and helpful to those who need it.

After graduation, Paul worked for Environment Canada, Water Policy and Coordination Directorate in Qu├ębec before moving to Lesotho, where he served as an advisor to the Ministry of Finance's macroeconomic unit, while his wife, a pediatrician, worked in an HIV/AIDS clinic. Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Calgary, and MPA/ID and PhD in Political Economy and Government degrees from Harvard University.

Paul Novosad, MPA/ID 2004, PhD 2013 (Canada)

Paul Novosad, MPA/ID 2004, PhD 2013 (Canada)

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