Ryan Moore

Associate Director, Monitoring and Evaluation
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Washington, D.C., USA

During my work as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Ecuador, I observed the effects of poverty first hand and struggled to make sense of the painful status quo of the lives of the rural poor with whom I spent my every waking hour. I decided that I needed better frameworks through which to understand the way the world works and the reasons for continued poverty in the 21st century. The MPA/ID Program gave me those empirical frameworks I sought and so much more in the way of lasting relationships with some of the most brilliant, talented development professionals in the world.

After graduating, I look back and realize the true value of so many of the MPA/ID workshops, the passing conversations, the group projects, and even the problem sets. Their value is in preparing you to think critically about truly complex problems in the world. Did I leave the MPA/ID Program knowing the solution to poverty and other global problems? Of course not! I have many more questions now than I ever did before, but rather than learning to accept easy answers, I've been given the gift of frameworks through which to critically analyze the way in which the development profession works (and often doesn't work). More importantly, I've gained the confidence that I'm not alone in taking steps each day to reduce poverty across the globe, with alumni on every continent dedicating their lives to the same cause.

As I begin a new career with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), I continue to ask questions that don't have easy answers, and I still feel that internal struggle that I felt years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer. That struggle which drives me to keep pushing myself beyond what I previously thought I could achieve, both personally, professionally, and in terms of the true impact in reducing global poverty. Finally, being offered a position at MCC really confirmed to me what the faculty and staff of the MPA/ID Program told us since the first day of Math Camp: Employers are seeking out the skills that the MPA/ID Program offers, and the development profession truly needs more people whose passion, compassion, and skills will allow them to be both the head and the heart of the future of development.

Originally from Illinois, Ryan studied industrial management at Purdue University. He spent three years with the Peace Corps in Ecuador before joining the MPA/ID Program.

Ryan Moore, MPA/ID 2012 (USA)

Ryan Moore, MPA/ID 2012 (USA)

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