Course Offerings and IGA Concentration

IGA concentrators will complete a rigorous program of 24 IGA concentration credits in addition to the MPP core curriculum and an IGA-related Policy Analysis Exercise. One of the required IGA courses will be the following foundation course:

Students will select their other twenty required credits from a range of IGA options, taking two credits worth of electives in at least two different substantive IGA elements from the following list:

  • human rights
  • environment, health and resources
  • security
  • trade and finance
  • science and technology

The complete list of IGA courses is updated every summer. Visit the course listings to review the current HKS course offerings.

IGA Faculty Focus

IGA faculty members Joseph S. Nye, John Ruggie, and Stephen M. Walt ranked as Most Influential Scholars in International Relations.  Read Professor Walt's Foreign Policy blog to learn more about what's going on in the IR field globally.

IGA Alumni Spotlight

On the Use of Offensive Cyber Capabilities: A Policy Analysis on Offensive U.S. Cyber Policy by Robert Belk and Matthew Noyes, both MPP 2012, recognized by IGA Area as "Most Original" PAE in 2012 

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