Nura Sedique MPP 2012

Become a PAE Client

Leverage Student Skills and Knowledge, Define Problems, Find Solutions

What do you do if your organization is faced with major budget cuts, a significant change in your constituency, or the need to integrate or reintegrate a population? Finding solutions to tough challenges in situations like these is often a matter of taking the time to consider the facts and alternatives. Finding that time can be difficult.

The Harvard Kennedy School Policy Analysis Exercise (PAE) Program can help.

Armed with training in economics, quantitative analysis, strategic and financial management, political advocacy and leadership, and electives in several different policy areas, second-year students in the Master in Public Policy (MPP) Program offer their services free of charge each year via the PAE to organizations looking for answers to their most-pressing challenges.

The PAE, an applied thesis, is designed to serve as the capstone of the MPP degree. Working independently or in small teams, the PAE provides students the chance to gain real-world experience defining problems, gathering and organizing relevant data, identifying and evaluating possible courses of action, and proposing specific recommendations. PAE client organizations in turn, have the chance to work with students but also to benefit from a clear, professional, persuasive, and actionable written report, usually about 40 pages or 10,000 words in length.

For more information about becoming a PAE client see, submit a proposal, PAE Client Frequently Asked Questions, or look at past award-winning projects


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