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Sample PAEs

Here are several award-winning PAEs from the past few years. Several other PAEs can also be found on the websites of the HKS research centers that support PAEs, including the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston, the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, and the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation

Award-winning PAEs available for download:

Gender Equality in the Mexican Foreign Service
Tania Del Rio, 2016
Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico

Reducing Pharmaceutical Costs: Opportunities & Challenges for MassHealth
Melissa Quick, Celia Segel and Paul Trompke, 2016
Client: The MassHealth Pharmacy Program

The “Stuck Kids” Problem: Assessment of the Children’s Mental Health System in Massachusetts
Emily Hartmann and Katherine Schiavoni, 2015
Client: Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Pre-Kindergarten at Uncommon Schools: Building Blocks for Early Childhood
Angela McPhaul and Paulene Meyers, 2015
Client: Uncommon Schools

Transitional Care Models for the Elderly: Exploring Potential for Pay For Success (PFS) Opportunities for Third Sector Capital Partners
Ashley Zlatinov, 2015
Client: Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc. 

"If the Drumbeat Changes, the Dance Must Also Change" Using a Gender-Integrated Approach to Enhance Household and Community Resilience to Food Insecurity in the Sahel
Allison Shean, 2014
Client: Mercy Corps

Aligned Pathways: Fostering Strategic Business Engagement in Education
Olga Berlinsky, 2014
Client: Aligned Pathways

A New Strategy for Reducing the Threat of Dangerous Øday Sales to Global Security and the Economy
Michele Golabek-Goldman, 2014
Client:Department of Homeland Security

21st Century GDP: National Indicators for a New Era
Ben Beachy and Justin Zorn, 2012
Client: Congressman Hansen Clarke (MI-13)

Measuring Positive Youth Justice in DC YouthLink
Elise Brumbach, 2012
Client: District of Columbia Department of Youth Rehabilitiation Services







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