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The Professional Profile of an HKS Student

Putting your passion to work

The world is rich in institutions designed to prepare you to become a doctor, lawyer, CEO, architect, teacher, or myriad other established professionals. Harvard is the home to world-class examples of all of these.

You may be drawn to aspects of some of these professions; maybe you have already gone down one of these paths or plan to – but you still feel a deeper and broader calling. Imagine that your future success is not only in establishing your career and place in the world, but also is measured by your impact in making a difference in the lives of others, during your lifetime and beyond. The Harvard Kennedy School may be the place for you.

With multiple degree programs and students as diverse in ethnicity, experience, and age as they are in professional interest, identifying an HKS profile is extremely challenging. A common characteristic is that students come to HKS with a desire to take a leadership role in solving a pressing public problem. Their time here is spent:

  • in researching their interest area;
  • developing the skills to better understand and tackle the complicated issues associated with it;
  • connecting with others engaged in similar pursuits around the globe; and
  • exploring where and how best to bring their skills, experience, and training to bear.

As alumni, they then move to all corners of the globe, engaging across sectors and industries, to bring their individual skills to public service.

Whatever public problem you are committed to solving, you will find students at Harvard Kennedy School who share your passion, and the resources to support your career development.

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