Fellowships & Scholarships for International Students

The Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) generally expects international students to fund their study through a combination of resources such as HKS and Harvard University funds (if applicable), personal resources and government, corporate or grant agency support. HKS is continuously exploring all possible opportunities for additional funding resources for all incoming students.

For most international students, HKS must rely on the student to secure funding for their studies and living expenses. Applicants should be aware that HKS is unable to meet the full financial need of all who are admitted. Most students must look outside the school in order to secure the funding for the entire cost of attendance.

As students' plan for their period of study in the US, it is important to begin well in advance. The need for this planning is especially crucial if the student will be depending upon financial assistance to achieve their educational objectives. Many grants and fellowships are competitive and require candidates to begin the application procedure 12 months or more before attendance. It is also required for students to secure and certify full funding in order to be approved for a student visa.

HKS has limited funding resources available to international students. All institutional funding resources for international students are restricted to specific student criteria such as area of study, citizenship or gender. Therefore, there is not a general financial assistance process where all admitted applicants are considered for funding. Applicants will only be considered for available institutional scholarships and fellowships. Since we commit all available funds at the time of admission, and funds are awarded for the duration of study, there is extremely limited opportunity for financial need-based scholarship funding after enrollment.

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