Loans for International Students

International students are not eligible for U.S. federal student loans. However, international students do have the opportunity to apply for private education loans. Private education loans are generally credit-based loans that may be borrowed as supplements to students financial resources, effectively meeting the gap between the cost of attendance and any financial resources. When considering supplemental loan programs, careful attention should be given to whether or not a U.S. co-signer is required for international students, the interest rate (whether it is fixed or variable), the length of the repayment period, borrower benefits (such as interest rate reductions and services) and to the deferment options.

Each November, Harvard University seeks out proposals from lenders offering non-federal education loans for the upcoming academic year through an open Request for Proposal process. The RFP was designed so that Harvard could provide information to its graduate and professional students on private loan products that have competitive rates and other borrower benefits. Please review Private Loans for Graduate and Professional Students for further information regarding private loan options as a result of the RFP process.

International student have the same private educational loan opportunities as domestic students, provided they have a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident co-signer. International students have the choice of borrowing through the private supplemental loan program of their choice. For further information on other supplemental lenders, please review the information on private student loans at

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