Course Schedule Change Updates

Please note the following changes for Fall 2016:

Course Faculty Move
DPI-720 Temkin, Moshik moves to L230 from L280
API-201A Borck, Jonathan moves to L280 from L230
BGP-628 Woo, Wing Thye Moves to Weil from Land
DPI-305 Keyssar, Alexander Moves to T401 from Weil
API-101B Matuszeski, Janina Moves to Land from L140
API-101C Ellwood, David Moves to L280 from L230
API-101D Dogan, Pinar Moves to L230 from L280
API-101Z Avery, Christopher Moves to L140 from Land
API-201Z Saghafian, Soroush Moves to L140 from Land
DPI-360 Putnam, Robert Moves to L332 from T301
IGA-121 Hehir, J. Bryan Moves to T301 from L332
MLD-601 Fagan, Mark Moves to Land from L140
SUP-211 Wilson, Julie Moves to L280 from L332


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