DPI-330 B: The Making of a Politician

Semester: Spring

Credit: 4.0

Syllabus: Click here for syllabus

Faculty: Steve Jarding


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Term Start Date 1/22
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Course is designed to explore what it takes to be a successful politician by concentrating on taking any student regardless of their communication skills at the outset and transforming them into an accomplished communicator in settings including interviews, speech delivery and in confrontational debate settings. This is done through extensive media training including voice and body language training. Early in the semester students are filmed (not for a grade) conducting interviews and giving speeches. After intense instruction in media training throughout the course of the semester, students will again be filmed near the end of the semester giving interviews and speeches (for a grade) allowing students almost universally to see vast improvement in their communication and presentation skills. Additionally, all students are divided into teams with each member of the team participating in mock debates with their counterparts from other teams. The course works under the premise that many otherwise highly qualified leaders too often disqualify themselves from running for office because they lack the communication presentation skills and techniques and they thus fear public presentations.

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