IGA-150Y: Seminar: International and Global Affairs (spring)

Semester: Year

Credit: 2.0

Syllabus: Click here for syllabus

Faculty: Matthew Bunn


Day Time Location
Term Start Date 1/22
Meet Day


There are five PAC seminars, each bearing the same "150Y" designation along with the relevant policy-area prefix: BGP, DEV, DPI, IGA, and SUP. While the seminars differ in the subject-area concentrations of their students, they share key characteristics: All are explicitly geared to supporting students as they produce their Policy Analysis Exercises, all meet in both the Fall and Spring terms (though usually not every week), and all are open only to MPP2 students.

Open to MPP2 students only. Please note, this is one half of a yearlong course. Students enrolled in the fall section will automatically be enrolled in the spring section.

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