IGA-410: Energy Policy: Technologies, Systems, and Markets

Semester: Fall

Credit: 4.0

Syllabus: Click here for syllabus

Faculty: Henry Lee


Day Time Location
Term Start Date 8/31
Meet Day M/W 4:15 PM - 5:30 PM Littauer Bldg 280 (HKS)


Energy is a critical component of every dimension of human society. It is an essential input for economic development, transportation, and agriculture, and it shapes national and international policies in the environmental, national security, and technology arenas. IGA-410 introduces students to the policy and economic dimensions of the energy choices to meet societal goals -- both global and domestic. Oil and gas markets, electricity policy, technology innovation, renewable energy, climate change and global energy politics will be covered, as well as the energy challenges facing India and China. The first part of the course introduces students to quantitative and qualitative analytical tools to assess energy problems and the fundamental concepts of energy policy. The second will use case studies to explore specific challenges, which will allow students to apply the tools acquired in the first segment. 

Review Session: Friday 10:15-11:30am (Land)

Previous exposure to micro-economics is useful, but not required.

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